A Lazarus Soul - The D They Put Between The R & L

A Lazarus Soul - The D They Put Between The R & L


Released Date: 03 May 2019


A Lazarus Soul (Brian Brannigan, Joe Chester, Julie Bienvenu & Anton Hegarty) is the latest addition to the Bohemia Records roster. They bring their unique brand of raw, genuine, unmistakably Dublin inspired story telling to an Irish music scene characterised, as ever, by a burgeoning range of eclectic talent pushing the envelope in every conceivable direction. Songwriter Brian Brannigan rejoins the fold at a time when reflecting social issues through art with a very personal fire that cannot be ignored is more important than ever.

May 2019 sees the release of the band’s fifth album, “The D They Put Between The R & L”, a record of passion, reminiscence and societal discontent.


1. Black & Amber

2. Long Balconies

3. No Hope Road

4. Cruelty Man

5. Lemon 7s

6. Metal Railings

7. Funeral Sessions

8. Silver Vein

9. A Tar Road

10. Settled Kids

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