Secret Garden - Inside I'm Singing

Secret Garden - Inside I'm Singing

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1. Nocturne (feat. Anne Takle)

2. Thank You (feat. Peter Joback)

3. The Things You Are to Me (feat. Elaine Paige)

4. If Came the Hour (feat. Tommy Korberg)

5. Theme from the Mermaid Chair

6. Sometimes a Prayer Will Do (feat. Tracy Campbell)

7. Song for a Stormy Night (feat. Steinar Albrigsten)

8. I've Dreamed of You (feat. Barbra Streisand)

9. Did I Not Love You? (feat. Peter Corry)

10. Simply You (feat. Niamh Kavanagh)

11. My Land (feat. Espen Grjotheim)

12. Sortie

13. You Raise Me Up (feat. Brian Kennedy)

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