Barry Grace - Songwriter

Barry Grace - Songwriter


Release Date: 20/07/2018


Barry Grace was a songwriter. He loved Gilbert O’Sullivan, Elton John, Emerson Lake & Palmer - and The Sound of Music. He played piano and enjoyed collaborating with other creative people, including his lifelong friend in music, Paul Murphy. Barry loved song contests, wrote musicals, and won many awards for these in international competitions. In recent years he played keyboards with Electric Penguins and became a board member of the Irish Film Board. Barry passed away in 2016 after a short illness, all too soon. This record is his parting gift.


1. The Island of Love

2. We Are Gone

3. Shouldn’t I Be Someone Else

4. All Because of the Moon

5. Sister & Brother

6. On A Night Like This

7. I Miss You

8. Do You Remember Dreams

9. The House That Jack Broke

10. I Miss You Most On Sundays

11. The Further On I Go

12. It's Enough To Make You Fall In Love

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