Spyder Sympson - Spyder Sympson (CD & DVD)

Spyder Sympson - Spyder Sympson (CD & DVD)


Release Date: 01/11/2006

This retrospective 2 disc set of Spyder Sympson includes a 17 Track CD and a 40 minute DVD. Also includes is a 16 page booklet with The Spyder Sympson Story and song lyrics.


1. Bye Bye

2. Are You In Love

3. Still In love With You

4. Foolish Paradise

5. Halfway Lover

6. Hes A Businessman

7. Secret Love

8. Another Broken Heart

9. Inside of You Inside of Me

10. Magic In Your Eyes Bonus tracks

11. All My Life (Previously Unreleased)

12. Stranger To Danger (Previously Unreleased)

13. Lonely Boy (Live) (Previously Unreleased)

14. Front Page News (Live) (Previously Unreleased)

15. Suzanna (Live) (Previously Unreleased)

16. Where Do We Go From Here (Previously Unreleased)

17. Bye Bye (Extended Mix)


1. Halfway Lover

2. Another Broken Heart

3. Inside Of You Inside Of Me (Castlebar Song Contest RTE 1986)

4. He's A Businessman

5. All My Life (Sunday Night At The Daiety, RE, 1987)

6. Secret Love

7. Foolish Paradise (Midnight Sun Song Contest, Finland, 1987)

8. Foolish Paradise

9. Still In Love With You

10. Are You In Love

11. Bye Bye (Bratislava Lyra Song Contest, 1986)

12. Bye Bye

13. Are You In Love (Evening Extra, RTE, 1987)

14. Still In Love With You (Seoul Song Contest, Korea, 1986)

15. Still In Love With You (Late Late Show, RTE, 1986)

16. Still In Love With You

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