Sharon Shannon - The Diamond Mountain Sessions

Sharon Shannon - The Diamond Mountain Sessions


Released Date: 01 Jan 2000



1. A Costa De Galicia (feat. Carlos Nunez)

2. The Galway Girl (feat. Steve Earle)

3. The Diamond Mountain

4. Slan Le Van (feat. John Hoban)

5. The Four Jimmys (The Fitz Theme)

6. A Man of Constant Sorrow (feat. Jackson Browne)

7. Say You Love Me (feat. Dessie O'Halloran)

8. The Pernod Waltz (feat. The Woodchoppers)

9. The Hounds of Letterfrack

10. On the Banks of the Old Pontchertrain (feat. Hothouse Flowers)

11. Love Love Love (feat. John Prine & Mary Staunton)

12. Jota Do Porto Do Cabo (feat. Carlos Nunez)

13. Fire in the Bellies: The Air Tune / The Road to Recovery / Farewell to Chernobyl (feat. Liz Kane & Yvonne Kane)

14. Northern Lights

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