Sharon Shannon - Live At Dolans

Sharon Shannon - Live At Dolans

7.00 10.00

Release Date: 2006


1. Cavan Potholes
2. The Bungee Jumpers: The Fisherman's Lilt / Dedicato A Vares / Rodney Miller's Tune
3. Rathlin Island / Sporting Paddy
4. Trailin' the True Star (feat. Roesy)
5. One of the Same (feat. Roesy)
6. Sandy River Belle
7. Big Rock Candy Mountain (feat. Jon Kenny)
8. Hand Me Down My Bible (feat. The Brennan Sisters)
9. I've No Alibi (feat. Damien Dempsey)
10. Colony (feat. Damien Dempsey)
11. The Burst Mattress: Amy's Waltz / An Tunnag / A Sore Point
12. The Whitestrand Sling
13. The Penguin: Retour des Hirondelles / Music for a Found Harmonium

1. Galileo (feat. Declan O'Rourke)
2. No Brakes (feat. Declan O'Rourke)
3. The Donegal Kid (feat. Jon Kenny)
4. Time to Time (feat. Gerry O'Connor)
5. Don't Give Up (feat. Jack Maher)
6. The Mighty Sparrow
7. Say You Love Me (feat. Dessie O'Halloran)
8. Come Down from the Mountain Katie Daly (feat. Dessie O'Halloran & The Brennan Sisters)
9. Blackbird
10. Mexico (feat. Mundy)
11. July (feat. Mundy)
12. The Bag of Cats: The Barrow Burn Reel / Lexy Macskill's / The Trip to Windsor / Calum Fhionnlaid
13. The Mouth of the Tobique: Lad O'Beirne's / Dowd's Favourite / The Mouth of the Tobique
14. Courtin' in the Kitchen (feat. Dessie O'Halloran, Mundy & Damien Dempsey)
15. The Galway Girl (feat. Mundy)
16. Ring of Fire

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