Electric Penguins - II [2LP]

Electric Penguins - II [2LP]


1. Minutes
2. Julia Stephens (An Introduction)
3. Julia Stephens
4. Highgate Hill
5. Always Always
6. Sky
7. 19 Winters
8. Nico's End
9. Mother Penguin
10. Airships Fly Over Beaches With Godetias
11. Soundproof 45
12. Self Portrait (Angie's Song)

Deluxe 180g gate-fold, double vinyl.

“…II is a beguilingly lovely collection, flitting between the thoughtful, avant-garde atmospherics of the 1970s German electronic revolution to ruminative songs, reminiscent of early Pink Floyd. From the cinematic scope of Minutes to the whimsical Julia Stephens, the duo’s attention to detail is obvious.”
- Irish Independent

"Electric Penguins wear their influences on their keyboards. The sonic cartography of 11 connects Kraut-rock with English pastoral, pop whimsey with a brooding psychedelia and bright ambient wallpaper with dancefloor beats."
- The Dubliner Magazine

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