The Dubliners - A Time To Remember

The Dubliners - A Time To Remember


Release Date: 07/12/2009



1. Introduction (Live)

2. Fermoy Lassies / Sporting Paddy (Live)

3. The Banks of the Roses (Live)

4. The Ferryman (Live)

5. Three Score and Ten (Live)

6. The Belfast Hornpipe / The Swallow's Tail (Live)

7. For What Died the Sons of Róisín (Live)

8. Maids When You're Young (Never Wed an Old Man) (Live)

9. The Nightingale (Live)

10. Luke's Gravestone (Live)

11. Kelly the Boy from Killane (Live)

12. The Black Velvet Band (Live)

13. The Town I Loved So Well (Live)

14. Cooley's Reel / The Dawn / The Mullingar Races (Live)

15. The Auld Triangle (Live)


1. All for Me Grog (Live)

2. Remembering Ciarán (Live)

3. Preab San Ól (Live)

4. Peggy Lettermore (Live)

5. St. Patrick's Cathedral (Live)

6. I Wish I Had Someone to Love Me (Live)

7. Ronnie's Heaven (Live)

8. McAlpine's Fusiliers (Live)

9. Fáinne Gael an Lae (Live)

10. Finnegan's Wake (Live)

11. The Marino Waltz (Live)

12. Dirty Old Town (Live)

13. Whiskey in the Jar (Live)

14. The Wild Rover (Live)

15. Molly Malone (Live)

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